The TAWASCO’s Customer Service Charter was developed to identify our customer service commitments to our customers and inform them of their rights and responsibilities as a TAWASCO customer

The Service Charter sets as out TAWASCO’s rights and obligations in the provision of water supply and sewerage services.

TAWASCO is committed to providing enough water and sewerage services to our customers all the time.

TAWASCO will ensure that the services we provide meets all the regulatory standards and distribute it equitably.

TAWASCO’s Extension of Water and Sewerage Services is our duty to serve the population of the areas in which we operate with clean, reliable and safe water services.

TAWASCO provides sewage collection, treatment and disposal services in accordance with the required environmental standards.

Where network maintenance works are planned, TAWASCO will inform the customers at least three days in advance.

TAWASCO is the owner of all water meters. Customers only acquires the right to use the meter after fulfilling all payment requirements.

TAWASCO will strive to make the process of paying for services provided as convenient and comfortable to the customer as possible by providing a variety of payment options

TAWASCO may disconnect any customer for: illegal use; tampering of meter; meter bypass; sabotage of facilities; and failure to pay for our services 14 days after the billing date.

TAWASCO will effect reconnection within 24 hours of the customer meeting the requirements for reconnection.

TAWASCO will carry out a daily monitoring of our distribution network and deal with all identified leaks within 72hours of detection.

All paid up new connections shall be carried out within three days and in circumstances where TAWASCO is unable to, we shall notify the customer with the reason and state a time when the work will be done.

TAWASCO will increase access to clean and safe water by expanding the network infrastructure coverage in its areas of coverage.

TAWASCO will deliberately institute lower tariffs to the urban poor communities to enable affordability to clean and safe water.

TAWASCO will strive to improve on the hygienic and health conditions of the urban poor communities through sensitization.

Illegal connection to TAWASCO’s network is a criminal offence and the offender will be punished under the Water Act, Cap 152 Laws of Taraba State, Section 6-8.

Illegal connection or theft of water services will attract a fine as per the prevailing TAWASCO tariff or a 1-year term in correctional centers or both to the culprit.